About Us

Why Choose Us:

As third Generation Fine Art and Antiquities dealers, we have carried through the legacy of my Great grandfather and Grandfather the integrity and knowledge they passed down to bring us to this point of ‘Eton Auctions’.
We want to share this knowledge with our clients and not charge extortionate commissions to our sellers and buyers respectively.

About Us:

Eton Auctions is an auction house located in the historic market town of Burnham, Berkshire.
We hold an 'Fine Art and Antiques' auction, every 4 weeks on a Saturday Viewing days to our auction are held from Monday to Thursday for the 2 weeks prior auction.
Our online catalogue is published on the 3 weeks before the auction, and can be viewed here. If you would like to receive reminders of forthcoming sales, please join our mailing list by messaging us using the box to the right. Alternatively, you can follow us on social media to receive regular updates on items coming up for offer.
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